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Weaver, spinner, knitter, dyer, lover of fiber. Now teaching and coaching beginning weavers.

It’s the simple things

“It’s the simple things”.  That phrase has been reverberating in my brain since I returned from Guatemala in October.  It’s the simple things that made me so happy to be in Guatemala and it’s the simple things that make me happy … Continue reading

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In Memoriam

Much of my fiber work is re-work. Repurposing worn out objects, remaking things from estate sales, using up yarns that were intended for another purpose. At sixty-one I find myself surprised at how many pieces of my work are memorial … Continue reading

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Aranas y #/*!! Polillos : A Weaver’s Dilemma

This is a post from 2014, never published because I can’t get good photos. But the sentiments remain. My studio has never been airtight. It is old and the windows don’t fit tightly and even if I didn’t weave with … Continue reading

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Fragile Threads

I didn’t post about an annual event that enriches my life, in part because I am not sure about sharing photos. This month, for the third year I joined a dedicated group of volunteers at Camp Sunshine , a weekend sleep … Continue reading

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Pleasure trumps exhaustion.

Woke up today to a post from one of my sisters who had seen facebook photos of my weaving class at Super Cool Summer School in Kentfield. Hope the link lets you see the smiling faces of  seven brand new … Continue reading

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Dancing with the threads- translation: don’t push the river

In the three times I heard my friend Rocío give a presentation on the Tintes Naturales Project, ( see prior post), there was one line that never failed to elicit a response from the audience. She did a good job … Continue reading

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Feeling Warped. 

Ok-The ten days are up. Tomorrow is the teacher prep day  for summer school and starting Monday every day for the next four weeks I’ll have 3 knitting classes of 7-12 year olds and one beginning weaving class. Six little … Continue reading

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