Feeling Warped. 

Ok-The ten days are up. Tomorrow is the teacher prep day  for summer school and starting Monday every day for the next four weeks I’ll have 3 knitting classes of 7-12 year olds and one beginning weaving class.

Six little frame looms are ready. Another six  table looms have nearly 4 yards of warp each (a total of 3 pounds of warp!!).

Probably only a weaver can appreciate what it took to get  SIX little looms warped.  Not to mention organizing 22 pounds of yarns for weft; untangling threads and cleaning, sanding and oiling various looms.  Feeling virtuous and exhausted.

About fiberassociations

Weaver, spinner, knitter, dyer, lover of fiber. Now teaching and coaching beginning weavers.
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2 Responses to Feeling Warped. 

  1. Set up the classroom today. Made a clothes line of weaving and knitting samples for the different classes. Very satisfying.

  2. Virginia Glenn says:

    Congratulations on getting them all warped. You have now gone over the hump with warping and will never dread warping again! Now you can enjoy the fun part – weaving with bunches of enthusiastic new weavers. Enjoy!

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