Another world

A quick post to convince myself I’m still a blogger. Just got back from a medical volunteer stint in Nicaragua. Stayed in an incredible place on the beach where they combine running a surf camp with a non-profit that works on community development. Took thrums and old cotton and made baby hats on long plane rides and bus rides to remote villages while I was there.

One of the places we set up a clinic

One of the places we set up a clinic

first four hats

first four hats

There isn’t a lot of traditional craft in the Jiquilillo area on the Pacific coast, but my last night there I talked with the head of the local women’s cooperative. They make pine needle baskets. She and I began a conversation that I hope to continue about recycling plastic to make bags, in this case crocheted, to increase the things they have to sell while decreasing the burning of plastic (no garbage pick up here).

This is the view from my yoga mat.


View from the mat

View from the mat

I want to go back.

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3 Responses to Another world

  1. knitsbyjenn says:

    It looks just lovely!

  2. Virginia says:

    Next time you do one of those volunteer stints let me know. Do they need non medical folks for translation/interpreting? I know some basic first aid from school and have lots of useful vocabulary for fun things like nits and lice and rashes etc. And I’m a hard worker.

  3. aleksawal says:

    Love Nicaragua but haven’t been to the Pacific coast yet…great post

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