It’s been a good week.  Finally back at the loom and working on weavers bum I’m afraid.

If you live in the Bay Area, make sure to see the de Young Museum Navajo exhibit which runs through Jan 4, 2015.  One of the things I really like is that it’s designed for a textile person.  It’s a pet peeve that  museums display textiles without any information about how they were made.  For a painting they list “Oils on Canvas” and I know approximately how it was painted.  For a textile to be labeled “wool” doesn’t tell me if it was woven or knit, commercially spun and dyed or handspun or anything about the construction.  The de Young did a good job with this exhibit.

navajo serape

navajo serape



Well Labeled piece

Well Labeled piece



Life goes on and I got a bit mention in the Phoebe Hearst Museum of Anthropology blog.  (Hint, I’m the one with six baskets).

Back at the loom: The “blue blanket” for my sister has now been officially christened “a fib”.  There are lots of irregular heart beats but atrial fibrillation, known colloquially as “a fib” has an irregularly, irregular rhythm.  Likewise, this blanket which started out to be a very regular herringbone tweed with nice little diagonal lines and even stripes, has lapsed into a more spontaneous irregularly, irregular pattern. In order to balance the tension of different yarns, the warp is a mixed blue warp instead of contrasting stripes as originally planned. Given that I am using a mixture of hand dyed and commercial yarns in varying amounts, the weft stripes are an approximation of two “almost full” bobbins of dark blue followed by two “very full ” bobbins of bright blue and separated by hand dyed novelty yarns.  Hope to do this one this week and be on to the peacock colored blanket next week.

irregularly irregular stripes of blue


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