Adelante y Arriba

It was another case of yarn lust.  I was in a store where they hand dye all their specialty yarns and the brilliant silk sheen made me pick up a cone of blue yarn.  I decided a lace blouse would use the least of this very expensive yarn and calculated how much I would need.  I was hooked.  Once I got home I realized I really don’t wear lace blouses, and didn’t have enough yarn for a less revealing blouse.  That yarn sat and waited.

I decided that a lace scarf would show off this beautiful yarn so I scoured magazines and books and came up with the most difficult lace pattern I had ever tried.  Over many months the yarn sat and waited while I painstakingly worked my way through row after row.  Then I got brave and started carrying the scarf with me; in my purse, on airplanes.  And you know trouble followed.  A snag here, a few dropped stitches there.  While the yarn waited I went on to easier projects.  I completely lost track of where I was in the 20+ row repeat.  So the yarn waited.

At some point I realized that the blue did not coordinate with anything in my wardrobe and that I have enough scarves and that I really didn’t want another scarf. So the yarn waited some more.

Now, fortuitously, my sister wants a blanket for her 50th birthday present.  Of all the yarn samples I sent her, this exact blue is what she wants.  So I will dye a sturdier yarn for a blue warp and the weft will be assorted yarns from my stash.

The day came to start frogging the lace scarf.  Lace Kanji (4) Some quick photos before it all ended  up on a niddy noddy to be skeined and washed.

Reverting from scarf to usable yarn.  No regrets

Reverting from scarf to usable yarn. No regrets

Next month my yarn won’t have to wait anymore.  It’ll join a riot of other blue yarns in a warm blanket for my sister. No regrets.  It just took some time to find the right home for this beautiful yarn.

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Weaver, spinner, knitter, dyer, lover of fiber. Now teaching and coaching beginning weavers.
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