The upside of getting a cold

I’ve been traveling for work always seem to get a cold after flying.  I could barely fall asleep last night because of my cough, so why do I think there’s an upside to getting sick?
No one wants to be around me when I’m sick so a cold is a great opportunity to spend some time alone.  Time alone means time to meditate, relax, dream and plan. I woke up and went right back to bed with coffee, the internet and a stack of textile magazines.  It was after 11 before I emerged from my warm bed and despite my cold I felt great!
A new acquaintance wants to learn about backstrap looms so I read about warping them and watched videos. I have done it before and just that hour of prep made me feel confident I can figure it out again.
Another friend wants to learn to spin with a drop spindle and I had to tell her I’m not qualified to teach her but it certainly did make me want to pull out my spindle and practice.
There must be 100 ways to warp a frame loom, no two articles or books I read were the same. That allows for a lot of freedom. When I finally got out of bed I was rejoicing to have a cold that’s keeping me down. I can’t wait to go back to bed for the next round!

About fiberassociations

Weaver, spinner, knitter, dyer, lover of fiber. Now teaching and coaching beginning weavers.
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