Christmas Holly Towels

Christmas Holly Towels

Can you tell I’m a little behind in my blogging? Well my mother would say that the Church’s Christmas liturgical season ends on Feb 2, so that only makes me a week late.
Last summer I got struck with a delusion that I wanted to weave with fine threads. After going crazy with all the twisted little ends and deciding to double up to 2/20 cotton, I swore continually that I would never work in fine threads again. But then I happened on a Handwoven pattern for two Christmas Holly Towels in 10/2 mercerized cotton.
That sounded so much easier. Only 500 ends; a snap! My 2013 New Year’s resolution had been to improve my warping so what better challenge than trying again with fine threads. Since I was going to go to all the trouble of warping the loom why stop at two towels? I counted up my sisters and closest friends and decided to weave ten towels. A ten yard warp. That is my limit. I read with awe about the weavers who put on 20 and 30 yards, but they have sectional beams and work from a spool rack. Ten yards is enough trauma for me.
I won’t even begin to tell you the trials I went through in a very dumb attempt to save time. 500 ends x 10 yards is a hell of a lot of times around the warping wheel, so I thought I would just wind off four balls and cut my time by 75 %. That didn’t account for the twisting of the fine little threads, balls running out at different points and then having to cut another balls to wind off some of that thread to create the fourth ball.


10 yards x 500+ ends. I think that’s 3 miles of little, fine threads

After the intricacies of threading Bronson Atwater, the broken twill pattern seemed quite do-able. For some reason though I had a very hard time with the beat. I made some dense towels that took forever to weave but looked consistent. I made some quicker towels with a lighter beat but in each one there is a line or two where the inconsistent beat is very obvious. It’s one of those humbling things about weaving. Every project, no matter how much I enjoy it or how much the products are enjoyed, shows me my weaknesses as a weaver and where I need to improve.


Frustrating problems with beat inconsistency

It was a fun Christmas with gifts for everyone and no one but me is bothered by the imperfections.


Looks perfect in my bathroom



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