The joy of teaching

As I am starting to put out to the world that I want to be a weaving teacher, things are actually moving.  A friend connected me with a friend of his and she is my guinea pig first private weaving student.  I set up a warp for her on my little loom and she’s going to come over once a week and learn different weaving patterns.  The first day she came I woke up so excited I popped out of bed and ran through my morning routine.  I spent a lot of time prepping the loom, myself and written instructions for her, but now it’s done and I can prep in a third of the time for the next student.  I am working on this blog and an “artist’s book” and have listed myself as a teacher on a Weavolution;  soon I’ll have postcards for marketing myself as a weaving coach and teacher.  I have a call into to another friend of a friend whose 8year old wants to learn to weave.  It is VERY exciting to have a path.

About fiberassociations

Weaver, spinner, knitter, dyer, lover of fiber. Now teaching and coaching beginning weavers.
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