Reflections on a basket

First steps

First steps

Life intervened today (son moving) and I didn’t get back to my frustrating warping.  I did mend an old curtain, but somehow mending does not meet my quota for “fiber time”. I continued work on a basket I started last night.  It’s going to be an unusual gift, full of symbolism.  Recently I read about someone making coiled baskets using seams of old clothes as a core.  This sounded “deep”, good for a gift; literally giving a piece of my life to someone.  I didn’t have any details about how they did it, but that’s never stopped me.  Forgot to consider that cloth, even seams of cloth, do not have the density of a hard core cord.  I doubled up on the cloth and then twisted it for a firmer core, but if the single seam was flobbery from lack of density, the twisted seam is wonky and irregular. Ah well, this is art and symbolism, not functional and not skilled craft. In addition to giving a piece of my clothing, I am using some handspun and yarns that I have dyed with vegetable dyes. Indigo and Woad give a variety of blues that with the yellows of toyon, oxalis, fig leaf and sagebrush from my garden produce a variety of greens. Purchased madder, a gift from a friend rounds out the dye selection. I added a round of undyed light brown wool which I had combed from a deeper brown and white and then plied to give a variable light brown color. Finished the base tonight and will start up the sides, but tomorrow I have to find more old clothes and cut much wider seams. I might even stitch the whole thing to be 4 layers of core.

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